Bruce Dochley

Bruce Dochley (ブルース・ドックリー Burûsu Dokkurî?), also transliterated as Blues, is the legendary "Pirate King" who stole ten billion space dollars from the impassable Central Bank and the father of Franca Dochley. At the time, he had an incredibly high-paying job, which suggests that no matter how much work it was, he was a pirate for the thrill of it and he cared a lot for Franca. Even though his constant sidekick was Swamp Gordon, Mister seems to have known Bruce the best, which is why Bruce entrusted him with Franca's care. Bruce had an artificial eye that recorded everything that he saw and he was killed three years ago by Madame Marciano.

Bruce is voiced by Hōchu Otsuka (Japanese) and John Gremillion (English).

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