Franca Dochley

Franca Dochley (フランカ・ドックリー Furanka Dokkurî?), also transliterated as Franka Dockley, is the daughter of the Pirate King Bruce Dochley who witnessed his death at the hands of Madame Marciano three years prior to the story. Despite her young appearance, she is a competent cook, runs the Pirate bar in Mister's absence as she would breaks up fights quickly and effectively. The pink-haired tsunderekko feels that Mister and the others are only using her because she knows where Bruce's treasure is buried as she carries a pendant that was given to her by Bruce that will lead her to the treasure.

Franca is voiced by Ryō Hirohashi (Japanese) and Brittney Karbowski (English).


Franca has pink hair and blue eyes. In the anime, she is seen wearing a ribbon on her hair. She wears a aqua dress with sometimes a yellow shirt under it when she is cold.

Trivia Edit

  • Franca likes cooking
  • After Bruce Dochley (Franca's father) was killed by Madame Marciano, Mister became Franca's guardian.
  • In Episode 11, it is shown that Franca and Mrs. Dochley (Franca's mother) like very much similar in a heartwarming video.
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